Family Visit and Trip to Copenhagen

After coming home from the Czech Trek I had two days to clean my apartment and get as much work done as possible before my parents and sister arrived. My brother couldn’t come because he’s in med school, but we all missed him.

I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly prepared for another busy and out-of-the-norm week. Not only would this visit entail different eating and sleeping patterns than is my norm, but also re-acclimating to my family dynamic, trying to reconcile different needs/wants, and managing packed days of being a tourist while also keeping up with school.

I didn’t do the best job of taking the space I needed, maintaining my meditation schedule or fitting in yoga. I did have a lot of fun, though, and it was a great reminder to keep up with my mindfulness practices ESPECIALLY when it becomes more difficult to do so.

Anyway, some fun highlights of Stockholm include:

  1. Going to Skansen

    • My family was honestly underwhelmed, and thought it felt like a tourist trap. However, many of my friends have been and enjoyed it. Additionally, plenty of locals visit Skansen to walk around with their kids.
    • We didn’t go to the zoo, because I in particular am not a fan of them. We also didn’t go to the amusement park, so that’s probably a different experience. Additionally, throughout the summer and early fall, they have concerts, which I’m sure is a ton of fun
    • We walked around the different museum huts and saw the garden. It was very pretty and a beautiful day, so I enjoyed it



  1. The Vasa Museum

    • This was incredible. The Vasa is a ship that sunk in the 17th century and was later found and reconstituted. It is still 99% original materials, and it is magnificent. Click the link to read more about it.



  1. The tallest building in Stockholm

    • We were originally going to go to the Globe Skyview, but were told by locals that it’s not worth it. We sat in the Himlen Skybar and ate dessert while admiring the superior view.
    • This photo does not do it justice at all…
Doesn’t do it justice, but sky view of Sweden!
  1. The Nobel Museum

    • Interesting, lots of reading so be prepared for that. There was a cool exhibit on MLK while we were there. We were all kind of tired from the day’s previous activities, but I still got a lot out of it. Also, we found my uncle’s father!


  1. The spa at the Grand Hotel

    • So I still hadn’t done a traditional Swedish sauna into a cold body of water. Apparently, this isn’t super Swedish although Swedes have adapted the practice. Either way, we did it at the hotel spa, and it was fun and relaxing.
  2. Fotografisca Museum

    • My second time going since being in Stockholm. VERY cool exhibit on the late Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk.


Bye Stockholm!



Highlights of Copenhagen:

  1. Kronborg Castle: Hamlet’s home in Elsinore

    • I love Shakespeare and Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare play, so this was high on the list for me. We didn’t do a tour or anything, but they had a little festival going on while we were there so there were lots of booths and people dressed up in Renaissance attire
    • Wasn’t a super flashy castle
    • It was cool to look across the water and see Sweden! Also, cool to see all the lines of defence the castle had



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  1. Rosenborg Castle and the Crown Jewels

    • This castle was way more extravagant and seemed to have more of the original furnishings (ex. the thrones seemed legit)
    • Seeing the art and the different types of rooms they had for different purposes provided a window into how the royals lived in that time
    • Interesting that many of the items in the castle (ex. China, lion sculptures) are still used by royal family today at certain occasions
    • Obviously the crown jewels were insane, and apparently the king’s crown weighed 3kg or something like that.



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  1. Changing of the Guards at Amalienborg 

    • Honestly, I don’t get the appeal of this, but my sister really wanted to see it
    • Ended up being kind of cool because my dad and I sat at the far end of the square since we didn’t like all the commotion, and the guards ended up walking right past us



  1. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

    • Very cool, highly recommend if you enjoy art
    • Had lots of different and well presented exhibits to explore, including an outdoor sculpture part



  1. New Carlsberg Glyptoteket

    • Upon entrance you walk into a beautiful and meditative sculpture garden
    • We saw a Redon exhibit in which we got to read about his life and inspiration
  1. Nyhavn

    • Very beautiful and good vibes



  1. Saw my friend Jess from DIS Copenhagen, who I met on the Czech Trek!

    • We went to the incredibly beautiful Christiania, where we explored the town square and hiked….
    • All the way to Noma! The fanciest and most well-renowned restaurant in Denmark. We explored the beautiful premises, which includes a garden and greenhouse
    • We walked to the opera house from there and enjoyed the view
    • And then we walked through Nyhavn where we stopped to get some tea in a yert!
    • And then she walked me back to Central Station, where my Air BnB was located and where she was meeting a friend



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  1. Tivoli

    • After going out to dinner for my mom’s birthday we went to see the Halloween light show at Tivoli!
    • We explored the grounds, got some cotton candy, bought a new hat for my dad (I left his in an Uber in Stockholm :/ ), and even went on a ride all together and shot monsters!





“Anything that costs your peace is too expensive.”

“Do not learn how to react. Learn how to respond.”

“No poison can kill a positive thinker, and no medicine can save a negative thinker.”


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